Let's imagine press for tomorrow …

Didier de Fays initiated twelve years ago La Bourse du Talent (Photographie.com) and rewards each year young photographers in different categories : fashion, report, space/architecture/landscape, portrait. He has created the 24h project in 2010. The first experiences were "La Nuit Blanche" in Paris, and Hanoi‚s Millenium in Vietnam.

"I have been thinking of the 24h project during 15 years, it has evolved during my work on the webzine Photographie.com. 24h is the press experience which upsets the usual codes of journalism and tries to show people a new approach of photography. 24h usually works with local photographers and brings an authentic vision of the culture and the populations".

"I have to insist on the fact that 24h is today's press adventure. Journalism has evolved and photography must be felt by the public, directly created by the photographer, without filters. Technology allows us nom to directly treat information. The first 24h experiences have shown the strength of photography on the internet. For the future, I hope passionate photographers express themselves with professional photographers. The point is to write a good story".